Student Testimonials

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the NICAP/ICAP family! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience through the internship and have clearly seen an improvement in my approach to healthcare. The internship has helped me grow an appreciation for the work that we do, as interns, and has given me insight on how to be a better healthcare provider.”  – Ravin Maheshkumar

“I am just reaching out to thank you again for the empathy training during the meeting on Tuesday. It was really relevant to some experiences I have been having in the 34th street clinic and a great reminder to stay mindful of how my interactions with patients can affect their experiences here. It also pertained to some of my experiences in my personal life as well.”

“ICAP helped me learn skills taught beyond my courses; successful project management, delegation, academic writing, quality improvement, and above all forming and maintaining good interpersonal relationships.” – Anu Vats

“I truly cannot express how much your help and support has meant over the years! I really appreciate your help in trying to find a rural health opportunity for me. Thank you so much for everything!” – Sanjay Reddy

“I have absolutely loved every day as a ICAP intern, and I cannot thank you all enough for investing in me, caring about me and teaching me more than I ever could have anticipated!!” – Talley Murphy, NICAP Intern

“My experience with ICAP has been incredible and easily the highlight of my academic career at UF. I can’t thank each of you enough for your support and your hard work.” – Garion Rivera, ICAP Intern

“With my short time being a part of NICAP I have grown so much as an individual. I value my time serving and interacting with patients and visitors. In my short time, I have helped a mother by comforting her child that was having a panic attack, offered a hug to a visitor after hearing unfortunate news, and have had multiple conversations with patients and visitors that have been so willing to be open of their situation. I have loved Wayfinding because I have learned so much about new individuals in such a short amount of time and have seen so much of the amazing medical facilities UF has to offer.  I just wanted to send you an email with an update and thank you again, for allowing me to be a part of this internship.” – Kayla Nguyen

“Coming into this internship I had no idea what I was going to be doing or who I was going to be able to influence, but I have been gratefully mistaken as I have taken so much more away from this internship than I expected simply through the people that have made it so wonderful. I have been mentally, socially, and professionally stretched into the person that I see myself as today; one who is confident in approaching people and having professional conversations with stakeholders. Thank you for investing time and effort into growing me into someone who is ready to take on the next opportunities that come my way. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity and so grateful for everyone that has taught me so much about school, professionalism and life these past 2 semesters.”

After joining ICAP, I was surprised at the level of communication involved in such a big organization. When an issue occurs, even one as small as clocking out of Homebase, every manager is made aware of it. ICAP is the number one representative of the shared-mental model because information is not redacted from any person. Any issue, any kudos, any advice is told to everyone equally. There is transparency in how the system runs. With this, every member truly feels like they are part of the organization and not just hopelessly working with no understanding of the purpose of their jobs. It allows for member accountability and loyalty to the program! Thank you for letting me be a part of this family.” -Pooja Ghay, ICAP Intern

“Of all of the organizations I have been a part of at UF, ICAP truly goes above and beyond in fostering a shared mental model! Through on boarding, the comprehensive manual, meetings with QIMS, as well as a strike system and additional shift trainings, we are always trained and prepared on what is expected of us! The necessity of communication ICAP emphasizes is the core of our shared mental model and has made me always feel prepared, even as a beginning intern! Thank you for everything Dr. Jacqueline!”

“You are an excellent mentor and role model, which is why meeting with you today and getting your option and advice was so important for me. Thank you for all that you do. Your dedication to genuinely caring for others and wanting the best for others does not go unnoticed. Julia Adams”

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to be an ICAP intern and all the wonderful experiences it has provided me. Greyson Butler, ICAP intern”

“Just wanted to thank you for writing my letter of rec and for providing me with so many opportunities through ICAP. I got into my dream program (Masters in Health Policy at Johns Hopkins) in large part due to your program and reference. It takes a village — thanks so much for being a part of my village!” – Liam Guerin

“NICAP helped me find my passion and your dedication to your interns is something I hope to even come close to when I teach in the future.” Taylor Gauss, NASM-CPT, NICAP Alumna

“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing mentorship you have provided me throughout ICAP. Words truly cannot describe how much ICAP has changed me as a person both professionally and interpersonally. It has made such an impact on me, that it makes me emotional at times! As you might have known, I joined the internship as a very shy and quiet person by nature. My first PPE encounter was honestly SO nerve wracking. However, after being exposed to more direct patient interactions and observing my QIMs/grad leads, I slowly grew more confident in public speaking and socializing. I still remember a mid-term evaluation I had with Nyasia, where she told me she was waiting to see my “shining moment.” She was referring to coming out of my shy bubble. Thus, I decided to present RV’s team slide at the next GBM which ultimately gave me more confidence to step out of my comfort zone. Eventually, I felt very comfortable talking to patients, meeting/forming relationships with fellow ICAP interns, presenting at onboarding, talking with stakeholders, and more. Thank you for all the wonderful advice you have given me throughout the years whenever I came to you with academic or personal struggles! I cannot emphasize enough how valuable the 1:1 Meetups were for me, and until this day, I still advocate them to other interns who’ve reached out to me. From being a Tier 1 intern all the way to a Steering Committee member, ICAP has taught me so many things and given me so many incredible opportunities. I will definitely carry all of the knowledge and skills I have learned into my future academic career. “ Christie Ger, former NICAP intern