Internship Roles

Undergraduate Interns:

Undergraduate interns complete rotations across administrative, clinical, and project based settings in all Neuromedicine departments. Interns come from a wide variety of backgrounds, as this internship offers patient exposure, project management experience, and administrative support.

  • Administrative:
    • CSR/Admin Assistance: Copying, Packets, Scanning
    • Residency Program: Excel, Travel, New Innovations Program
    • Efficiency Improvement/Office Duties
  • Clinical:
    • Wayfinding, MyUFHealth, Concierge Service
    • Room change-overs, observations, other tasks
    • Perfect Patient Experience Rounds
    • Other clinical projects (TeachBack, Advance Directive)
  • Projects:
    • Research, project planning, budget, implementation, PDSAs, rounds

Graduate Interns:

Graduate interns must be enrolled in a graduate degree program. Health administration and public health graduate students comprise most of our team leads, but we are open to any additional backgrounds. Graduate interns act as Team Leads and work primarily on quality improvement initiatives aligning with their team’s Big Aim of Quality.

  • Professional Development:
    • IHI Basic Certification
    • Scholarly activities, including publications and poster presentations
  • Project Management:
    • Action plan creation, timeline supervision, budget creation/maintenance
    • Weekly meeting with Quality Director
    • Team update for NICAP meetings
  • Mentorship:
    • Monthly team meetings
    • Delegation of QI tasks
  • Other:
    • Conduct or join Quality Director in Site Rounds
    • Secret shopping/ Tests of system

Special Project Interns:

NICAP is actively seeking applicants with diverse skill sets, including graphic design, health education/behavior, programming, etc. As a special project intern, you will have the opportunity to work independently on a variety of special projects.