Wayfinding Guide Program

With multiple clinics and buildings in a large academic medical center, there has been an increasing need for a program aimed at helping patients find their way at UF Health. Thus, the Wayfinding Program was created by the NICAP team.

Undergraduate NICAP interns play a crucial role in helping patients find their way in the health system. Various signs are posted in Neuromedicine areas, which list a number for patients to call or text. Upon providing their current location and where they need to go, an intern will arrive and guide them to their destination. Interns wear orange shirts so they can be easily identified by patients. To date, many patients have utilized the Wayfinding service and clinic leadership has noted its many benefits to patients.

If you have a Wayfinding need, please call or text 352-327-8009. This service is available Monday-Friday 8AM to 8PM and Saturday-Sunday from 10AM-4PM